Legislation and Legal Requirements

Georgia’s CIDs are enabled through Article IX, Section VII of the GA Constitutional Provision for CIDs/State Enabling Legislation which was approved by voters in 1984. Local communities must also have passed legislation through the Georgia General Assembly allowing for CIDs at the county or city level. In DeKalb County, the DeKalb County CID ACT of 2008 enabled the Chamblee Doraville CID along with several others. Additionally, a resolution passed by the local county or city must be approved in order to activate a CID. Both cities of Chamblee and Doraville passed resolutions activating the Chamblee Doraville CID

CIDs are created for specific purposes allowable under state law, including:

CIDs are funded through self-imposed ad valorem real estate assessments on commercial properties. This is not a sales tax nor a residential tax and there is a limit on how much may be assessed.

In DeKalb County, the maximum allowable rate is 5 mills which is $5 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The calculation is based on the assessed value of the eligible commercial real property and not the appraised value.