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The Chamblee Doraville CID is a public-private partnership among local commercial property owners, the cities of Chamblee and Doraville, and DeKalb County. The CID advances capital projects and community services critical to the health and vitality of the business community.

Formed in May 2019, the CID is a legally defined district by which the commercial property owners pay additional assessments. These pooled resources are then used to leverage local, state, and federal funding sources. The money is used to design and construct critical infrastructure, as well as plan for future needs that benefit the entire community.

CIDs are proven to protect and enhance commercial property investments while keeping up with the needs of growing markets. In Chamblee Doraville, the CID will unite the commercial property owners, represent their ongoing interests, pursue a range of projects, and seek partnerships that drive long-term success.

Chamblee Doraville CID parcel map

The Chamblee Doraville CID Area

The Chamblee Doraville CID represents the heart of a booming commercial area full of creative work spaces, international flavors, and old-school charm.

Spanning across the cities of Chamblee and Doraville, the CID’s formation is in response to the steady growth in the area. Combined, the Chamblee and Doraville commercial districts represent more than $2B in total real estate value with more on the horizon. The CID’s footprint covers a patchwork of properties within this geography, or roughly half of the total real estate value.

The CID’s general geography includes Peachtree Boulevard on the west, Buford Highway on the east, I-285/Assembly on the north, and Chamblee Tucker Road on the south. Over time, the CID’s footprint will grow as additional property owners see the positive impact the CID has on the area.

This area map illustrates the general geography of the CID and not the district’s legal boundary. To view the legal boundary, view the parcels included in the CID here.

Focus Areas​

The CID is committed to honoring the community’s history, celebrating its diversity, and planning for its future. Accordingly, the CID will:

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Watch Mayor Eric Clarkson talk about the exciting growth happening in Chamblee.

Three key ‘Ps’ are the secret to Chamblee’s growth and success: Planning, Place, and Placemaking. According to Mayor Eric Clarkson, it has all led to a 20-year, “overnight” success story.